Humour, energy and health & safety

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Humour, energy and health & safety

The Warsaw office of W&W Consulting is defined by color and stylistic contrasts, emanating positive energy regardless of the difficulty of the employees’ daily tasks or the aura outside the window. The interior design was done by The MIXD studio, and Bakata furnished the space.

W&W Consulting offers services in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as security consultancy. The company was aware that many people associate that sector with a rather conservative and old-fashioned image, which did not suit a modern and dynamic entity. The company wanted its new headquarters to represent exactly these features of W&W Consulting. The MIXD studio was invited to cooperate on the project.

A play of contrasts

The office is located in a historic tenement house in Warsaw’s Praga district. The arrangement relating to the industrial heritage of the area seemed fully justified, so the interior is dominated by loft aesthetics. The space is defined by glass partition walls with black mullions, exposed red electrical wiring on the walls and ventilation pipes on the ceilings. The factory mood sense is further enhanced by the black metal bases of the tables, armchairs and chairs.
“We have kept the characteristic square ceramic tiles in the kitchen, and installed “tile-like” wallpaper in the conference rooms. There is also a classic paneling,” – says Katarzyna Stasina, MIXD design manager.

The aforementioned red color is present everywhere in the interior: desk frames, furniture elements, Chors lamp fittings or decorative display cases. However, the most characteristic element is the red Space acoustic booth from the Mute brand, available in our offer. It is a soundproofed, small conference room that can be installed in almost any open office space. The fiery energy of red is balanced by a well-chosen dose of green. It appears on furniture fronts, carpets and upholstery. The office also abounds in potted plants that ensure the necessary soothing element of nature.


The specificity of W&W Consulting’s activity is based on combining office work with training and coworking. Therefore, the office was given a new layout of rooms better suited to the needs of employees. The space has been divided into two zones: an open training and coworking space and a closed office one. The former was installed right at the entrance to the office. There is a coworking room, two smaller conference rooms, an open kitchen and a large auditorium. The latter is distinguished by the amphitheater style seating arrangement.
“This form of space arrangement for training participants is more friendly and creates a more relaxed atmosphere,” – adds Katarzyna Stasina.

The office zone consists of an open space and separate offices equipped with ergonomic desks and armchairs, as well as impressive furniture with multi-colored fronts. The space has been decorated with multi-colored construction helmets, and this is not the first time that W&W Consulting has proven it has a sense of humor, and a distance to itself and its sector. Throughout the office, we can find many humorous references to occupational health and safety. In the coworking area there is mural by Karol Banach. It shows a construction team building the capital letters of health and safety. The interiors are decorated with posters and vintage signs with warning slogans.

Eco renovation

The slogan ‘reuse’ became one of the main requirements of the investor. He wanted to arrange new space using as many elements and furniture from the previous office as possible, so the MIXD designers kept everything that matched their concept and was still in good working order and condition. These include bodies of kitchen furniture or most office armchairs. In this way, the move was not only eco-friendly, but also safe for the company’s budget.
But the office also became home to many new pieces, e.g. Maro, MDD, Bejot and Vank furniture, which can be found in Bakata’s offer. These elements contribute to a dynamic space emanating good energy and a creative approach to everyday tasks.

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