Home Office according to Herman Miller

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Home Office according to Herman Miller

Recent months have made many of us move our offices to our homes. We have faced the dilemma of how to organise them so that the work we do is efficient and safe for our health. “We’ve Got Your Back,” says Herman Miller and presents four suggestions for home offices, which can inspire you to create your dream work or leisure space.

1. For connoisseurs of comfort

You like tailored solutions. You work long hours and you work with commitment, so your office must be uncompromisingly comfortable and adapted to your current needs. Here everything is at hand and smoothly changes with your needs. You value the comfort of a height adjustable desk (e.g. Nevi model) and the mobility of a pedestal with wheels, which you can easily place in a chosen location (e.g. one from the OE1 collection).

The perfect chair for you would be the Herman Miller’s icon of ergonomics, Aeron.

The mechanism of this chair allows it to move with the body. It moves seamlessly from an upright position to a relaxed, semi-reclined position. It easily finds a balance point among the settings you work in. You won’t find foam or fabric in the Aeron chair’s construction, which effectively eliminates the biggest problems of prolonged sitting – the heat and moisture released by the body.

2. For enthusiasts of stylish solutions

Design is your passion. You love beautifully arranged interiors and stylish accessories. You know their history and the names of designers. You follow not only fashion trends, but also those related to interior design. Thus your office space will not only be functional and comfortable. It will also be beautiful, it’s a requirement. And who says an office chair cannot be just that?

With you in mind, Herman Miller has created the Sayl office chair. It combines a great design, appropriate back support and an excellent quality. Its geometry was inspired by the suspended spans of the Golden Gate Bridge. The intelligent 3D backrest provides a compromise between mobility and secure back support. This chair will be the perfect complement to your well-designed office.

3. For supporters of multifunctional spaces

You can’t sit still. You don’t like boredom. Constant change is part of your lifestyle and work style, and your office needs to be able to follow. You appreciate modular office solutions and their multifunctionality. The mobile pedestal from the OE1 series can be used to store documents, but you can also use it to place your favourite potted plant on. Sometimes you want your desk under the window, other times closer to the wardrobe. So it’s a good idea to have one that has wheels, as it is with the OE1 model.

The Cosm office chair will cope with such a fast pace of change. ‘Cosm’ is not a random name, sitting on it you forget about gravity. The ergonomic design adapts to the shape of the body and responds to every movement, providing natural balance and support. Moreover, thanks to the adjustment mechanism built into the seat, the chair automatically adjusts to the user.

4. For those who seat for a prolonged periods of time

The digital world is your job or your passion, or sometimes both. That is why most often you can be seen in front of a computer. You need to focus, so there should be nothing around you that distracts you. Silence, tranquillity ̶ also the visual one ̶ and maximum comfort.

The Embody armchair was created thinking of people who spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. The Hermann Miller designers and constructors were not the only ones who worked on it. They were accompanied by physicians and scientists whose goal was to create natural support and ensure healthy movement while sitting. Embody is equipped with Pixelated Support technology. It is based on a dynamic arrangement of seat pixels, which automatically conforms to its user’s body’s micro-movements. By adjusting the backrest of the chair, the curvature of the human spine can be imitated, thus providing an almost perfect fit to its user’s back.

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