Headrest Herman Miller Aeron

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Headrest Herman Miller Aeron

When the Aeron chair was first released in 1994, it rediscovered our understanding of comfort and efficiency. The chair remains a pioneer of new ergonomic technology.

For many users the headrest remains an indispensable and practical element of the chair.
To meet the wishes of a certain audience, in 2013, former engineer and brand designer, Herman Miller, introduced an ergonomically optimized headrest for the Aeron chair.

The Atlas Headrest team designed the headrest in such a way as to ensure even ergonomics and proper head and neck support. Working with the first industrial designer Joe Parr Design, the challenge was taken to create the perfect design integrating the concept of braided polymer materials of the chair itself, while matching the iconic Aeron aesthetics and the ultimate world-class comfort.

Atlas amortized headrest is an effective source of relaxation as it supports the weight of your head. It also has another unique advantage – a carefully designed shape that through its form provides a healthy position for your neck support and exercises the muscles, so that the vertebrae rest in their correct alignment. Joe Parr’s design is characterized by a careful balance of both aesthetic and ergonomic qualities. ‘Essence of Aeron, the chair design serves the human body, which we are obsessed to fit,’ says Parr. Dozens of iterations were needed, starting with cardboard and ending with precise CNC machining to perfect the product. Microscopic edits resulted in selection and creation of a design that ensures that a correct cervical curvature is maintained without interfering with the freedom of movement the chair allows.

The finish of the braided polymer and the frame color scheme perfectly match the three original remastered Aeron colors. The result is a trouble-free integration of the headrest. Its comfort, size and proportions have been chosen to fit all three A, B and C Aeron sizes. The original Atlas headrest was defined by its wide range of adjustment – it fits 95% of users. The suspended headrest works seamlessly with the seat system, providing equally exemplary performance. Therefore this headrest will not only complete the look of the chair, but it will also complement the ergonomic benefits of the Aeron chair.


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