Furniture icons in Bakata's offer

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Furniture icons in Bakata's offer

Classics never go out of style. We take pleasure in looking at the harmonious lines of objects, appreciate their proportions, design moderation and selection of materials. Behind each ‘evergreen’ there is a person – their idea, knowledge and skills. So, in addition to classic lines, we also look for well-known designers. Many of them are featured in our offer.

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen once said that people buy a chair, and they don’t really care who designed it. Time has shown that he was very wrong about that. Today, renowned designers are in high demand, and their designs are extremely sought after. Anyone who is at least a little sensitive to the beauty of design will notice the uniqueness of the idea put into those extraordinary projects, as well as their proportions and timelessness. As years pass, they continue to inspire and inform new interior designs – both private and public.


The furniture icons available in Bakata’s offer include a selection of sofas which work well in public spaces, e.g. in various office areas – reception or meeting rooms, as well as in private homes.

Wilkes is a model designed by Ray Wilkes for Herman Miller. This modular sofa had its market debut in 1976 and right away made an impression with its extraordinary form. Nowadays, the project has been updated in terms of available upholstery options. Everything else has been kept the same: from the injection-molded foam cushion construction to the integrated table option.

Another interesting classic from Herman Miller is the Tuxedo sofa. This model from design duo BassamFellows may not be as old as Wilkes, but its appearance and philosophy refer to recognized classics. Tuxedo sofas are precisely proportioned, distinguished by thin steel legs and a low backrest. The project is based on a modular grid that accomodates segments of various sizes. This design also allows for easy coupling of the Tuxedo sofa with any other elements from the same range, such as footrests, benches and lounge seats.

Among the classic sofas offered by Bakata, special attention should also be paid to the Sesann model by Tacchini. It is a re-edition of a historical project by Gianfranco Frattini. Sesann is a collection of sofas and armchairs defined by soft, friendly shapes. Their characteristic feature is a cylindrical metal frame which supports comfy cushions. Sesann impresses with bold forms and elegant, sophisticated design.


The aforementioned Arne Jacobsen is a master of Danish design. Even today, his designs continue to delight with their modern, simplified forms and innovative use of materials. This is also the case with the Swan chair created in 1958. Like another classic among his designs – the Egg armchair – it was created to furnish the SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen. The design contains no straight lines, making it look organic and soft.

A completely different design approach informed the creation of the iconic chair no. 14 made by the Thonet company, founded in the 19th century by Michael Thonet. More than 80 million units have been sold since 1859, when the no. 14 chair was first introduced to the market. They can be found all over the world: in cafes, restaurants, private homes, hotels. Their iconic shapes are made of eight hand-bent beech bars and twenty screws, and distinguished by low weight, legendary durability and unique appearance. This is an example of a perfect combination of form and function.

Another interesting classic available in Bakata’s offer is the Result chair by Hay. It was designed by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld and introduced in the 1950s. The chair has a thin sheet steel base and an oak seat. This combination of materials provides it with maximum flexibility, lightness and durability. Today, the Result chair is available in various wood finishes and colors, and in a wide range of upholstery materials.

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