Fritz Hansen's timeless bestsellers

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Fritz Hansen's timeless bestsellers

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the brand Fritz Hansen. Owing to it, we can talk today about Danish design tradition, as well as the impact on changing the perception of seemingly trivial everyday objects, e.g. chairs. Fritz Hansen furniture is widely considered iconic.

From the very beginning Fritz Hansen emphasized the importance of the human element. Its furniture was supposed to embellish spaces, be comfortable, and thanks to high quality – serve users throughout their entire lives. As time has shown, these goals were achieved, and Fritz Hansen armchairs and chairs are synonymous with well-thought-out design, functionality and exceptional attention to detail. Sometimes the same copies are treasured and passed down through family generations. And certainly, well-preserved pieces are much coveted by vintage lovers and collectors.

Fritz Hansen’s classics have endured the test of time and remain bestsellers today. But the same applies to the brand’s new products created in collaboration with the most recognized contemporary designers. The DNA of the brand has been kept unchanged, so they’re immediately recognizable. They pay tribute to Danish design tradition and are a continuation of the idea dating back 150 years.

Comfort has a shape

The Egg™ armchair is one of Fritz Hansen’s most famous and timeless models. Designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby and reception area of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, today it is considered one of the greatest achievements of Danish design. Invariably, it has been one of Fritz Hansen’s most popular products for years. The idea behind the shape of the armchair was born in Jacobsen’s garage, where the designer conducted modeling experiments with wire and plaster. The unique, organic shape of the Egg™ guarantees a bit of privacy in public places, and alongside the matching footstool also works in private homes. What additionally makes it unique is its technology, considered very innovative for the 1950s. Arne Jacobsen was the first to use polyurethane foam to construct furniture.

Another project, which was created over 60 years ago and remains a top-seller, is the PK22™ armchair. This iconic model by Poul Kjærholm is distinguished by its extremely subtle silhouette. In 1957, the armchair received the Grand Prix award at the Milan Triennale – the world’s most important design fair. PK22™ has a steel frame supporting one seat and back piece. The latter is available in canvas, suede and leather, and even wicker. This allows it to fit into very different interiors: from elegant and minimalist to rustic.

Contemporary Fritz Hansen designs also live up to their famous predecessors, like the best-selling Ro™ armchair designed by Jaime Hayon. It resembles Arne Jacobsen’s classic Egg™ design – both in the soft lines and construction based on polyurethane foam. Ro™ owes its name to the Danish word for “peace”. This is the perfect name for an armchair that creates space for relaxation and encourages comfortable rest.

Just a chair

The most popular design in the Fritz Hansen chair collection is certainly a model from the iconic Series 7™ series. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955, it still delights fans of good design with its unique and extremely versatile form. It is made of nine layers of pressure-molded veneer, which gives it strength, flexibility and durability despite its extremely lightweight shape. This is another project by Jacobsen which epitomizes his amazing sense of proportion.

This is also evident in his Drop™ chair. The inspiration behind the unique shape of this piece was… the back of the designer’s wife. The drop-like structure is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. It allows for incredible freedom of arm movement and provides adequate back support. The chair is available in two variants – with a seat made of ABS plastic and with an upholstered seat. Drop™ was created for hotel facilities and restaurants, but it will also work well in a private dining room.

Arne Jacobsen’s designs are certainly the most recognizable and most popular models from the Fritz Hansen portfolio. Our best-seller list tops off with his Oxford™ office chair. It was commissioned by professors from St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. The exceptionally high backrest of the chair symbolized the prestige of the university and its academic staff as well as ensured some personal space. This model rests on a five-star base on legs or wheels.
Oxford™ is characterized by an ergonomically profiled backrest with slightly protruded lumbar support. The model comes with or without armrests.

Nowadays, when instead of focusing on consumption we value quality, products that have been market-tested for functionality and timeless beauty are an attractive choice for customers looking to equip their own homes, companies and premises. The status of these design masterpieces ensures that they remain relevant for a long time, immune to passing trends. They are sure to bring us joy in everyday life and serve us flawlessly for years to come.

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