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Which products deserve the attention of consumers? Which will meet their needs and expectations? The “Conscious Choice” plebiscite organized by the editors of Newsweek attempts to answer these questions. We are pleased to announce that this year, the award in the “Well Designed” category was granted to the Cosm chair by Herman Miller, of which Bakata Design is the official distributor.

Incorrect body posture during work – especially when sitting – is a ready-made recipe for back problems. To avoid them, it is necessary to choose an armchair that will provide us with adequate body support. This is especially important now, when so many of us spend long hours in front of a computer or laptop screen while working (also remotely), and often after finishing work. But which armchair will actually work?

The jury of the “Conscious Choice 2020” competition is trying to answer this question, assessing the functionality and aesthetics of products and solutions available on the Polish market. This year, the Cosm chair was awarded in the “Well designed” category, which will not only help us take care of our spine, but will also add an interesting element to the office decor – including the home one, as well as … a living room, library or even a teenager’s room.

The structure of the chair is uniform in color – from the wheels to the backrest – emphasizing the light, sculptural form. We can choose the color of the suspension and frame ourselves from a set of six shades. In addition, full personalization is possible thanks to the availability of three versions of the backrest supporting the lower, middle or upper part of the spine

A characteristic feature of the Cosm chair are slightly raised armrests (Leaf Arm) with an interesting shape of a cradle with a soft filling. The angle of their attachment allows you to comfortably hold a book or a phone without straining your muscles. At the same time, they do not interfere with computer work or handwriting. Importantly, the armrest variant is also a matter of choice. We can select standard or regulated ones, or remove them completely if not needed.

The carefully shaped mesh backrest and seat allow for free air circulation, and thus – prevent an increase in body temperature. The sturdy but flexible frame allows for excellent back support – even when moving. The ergonomic design of the chair perfectly follows the contours of the body of the seated person and reacts immediately to every movement, providing natural balance and support – regardless of the position we take. Cosm is the perfect choice in places with employees with different body builds: for example at hot-desking workstations or… a home desk used by a husband, wife and children. You simply set the level of the seat position, and appropriate mechanisms will smoothly adjust the rest to the needs of the sitting person’s body. In this chair, you can forget about gravity, and even that you are sitting at all. This is where the original name of this model comes from.

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