Bertoia Barstool inpolished chrome and black seat pad

Bertoia Bar Stool

Bertoia Diamond Chair in stylish black

Bertoia Diamond Chair

Bertoia Diamond Chair golden frame

Bertoia Diamond Chair Gold

Bertoia Plastic Side Chair white shell black construction

Bertoia Plastic Side Chair

Bertoia side chair with polished chrome frame and seat pad.

Bertoia Side Chair

Bertoia Side Chair in black cowhide and black structure.

Bertoia Side Chair in Cowhide

Brno Flat Bar Side Chair in brown

Brno Flat Bar Side Chair

Brno Tubular Side Chair

Butterfly Chair by Knoll

Butterfly Chair Anniversary Edition

Cross Check armchair

Cross Check Armchair 

Four Seasons Barstool

Hat Trick Chair by Knoll

Hat Trick Chair

High Sticking Chair by Knoll

High Sticking Chair

Klismos Armchair by Knoll

Klismos Chair and Lounge Chair

KN1 Swivel Lounge Chair

KN01 Swivel Lounge Chair

KN02 Chair and KN03 Ottoman by Knoll

KN02 Swivel Chair & KN03 Ottoman

KN04 Armchair from Collection by Knoll

KN04 Armchair

KN06 Armchair by Knoll

KN06 Armchair

KN07 chair from Knoll

KN07 Chair

Armchair from Krusin Collection 016 by Knoll

Krusin Collection 016

Marc Krusin Lounge chair by Knoll

Marc Krusin Lounge Chair

Marc Krusin Side chair with arms by Knoll

Marc Krusin Side Chair

Moment Chair in black

Moment chair

MR side chair

MR Side Chair

Off Side Ottoman by Knoll

Off Side Ottoman

Piton swiver fixed height stool from Knoll in black

Piton™ Swivel Fixed Height Stool

Platner Side chair

Platner Side Chair

Platner Side Chair Gold by Knoll

Platner Side Chair – Gold 

Pollock Arm Chair in black leather

Pollock Arm Chair

Power Play Club Chair by Knoll

Power Play Club Chair

Saarinen Stools

Saarinen Tulip Side Chair

Saarinen Tulip Stool

The washington Skeleton Side Chair in black

Washington Skeleton Side Chair

Wassily Lounge Chair in haired hide tri color

Wassily Lounge Chair


1966 Adjustable Chaise Lounge

1966 Adjustable Chaise Lounge

1966 coffee table black

1966 Coffee Table

1966 Contour Lounge Chair

1966 Contour Chaise Lounge

1966 Dining Chair with arms white

1966 Dining Chair with Arms

1966 Dining Chair without arms white

1966 Dining Chair without Arms

1966 Square Dining Table white

1966 Dining Tables

1966 Lounge Chair

1966 Lounge Chair

Bertoia Bench for Outdoor by Knoll

Bertoia Bench For Outdoor

Bertoia Diamond Outdoor Chair

Bertoia Diamond Chair for outdoor

Krzesło ogrodowe Bertoia Plastic Side Chair czarne

Bertoia Plastic Side Chair – Outdoor

Bertoia Side Chair in white

Bertoia Side Chair – Outdoor

Petal coffe table with black legs

Petal Coffee Table

Petal Dining table white

Petal Dining Table

Saarinen High Table For Outdoor

Saarinen Low Table For Outdoor

Soft Seating

Barcelona Chair in black leather

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Couch in black leather

Barcelona Couch

Barcelona Stool in red

Barcelona Stool

Bertoia Assymentric Chaise in red

Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise

Bertoia HignBack Chair and ottoman

Bertoia High Back Chair and Ottoman

Large Diamond Chair in red

Bertoia Large Diamond Chair

Lounge sofa from Cini Boeri Collection by Knoll

Cini Boeri Collection

Florence Knoll Bench

Florence Knoll bench relax in black

Florence Knoll Bench Relax

Florence Knoll Collection relax - the armchair

Florence Knoll Collection – Relax

Red sofa form Florrence Knoll launge seating collection

Florence Knoll Lounge Seating

Gould sofa by Knoll

Gould Sofa

Klismos long bench

Klismos Bench

Klismos Chaise Lounge by Knoll

Klismos Chaise Longue

Stylish Klismos sofa

Klismos Sofa

Krefeld Lounge Seating

Sofa from Matic Sofa Collection by Knoll in black

Matic Sofa Collection

Panoramic Sofa by Knoll

Panoramic Sofa

Pilot Chair for Knoll

Pilot Chair

Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman i brown

Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman

Platner Easy Chair gold plated structure

Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman – Gold

Platner Lounge Chair in red

Platner Lounge Chair

Platner Lounge Chair i gold by Knoll

Platner Lounge Chair – Gold 

Platner Stool

Platner Stool in gold by Knoll

Platner Stool – Gold 

Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman

Saarinen Womb Chair and Settee Relax

Saarinen Womb Settee

Sofa Collection by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Sofa Collection by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby 


Face Off Table with glass top

Face Off Table

Florence Knoll oval high table with wooden top

Florence Knoll Oval and Round High Tables

Florence Knoll Square and Rectangular Tables

Platner High Table with black marble top

Platner High Table

platner dining table structire colvered in gold

Platner High Table – Gold

Saarinen Tulip High Tables

Dinner table by Antonio Citterio - Knoll

Table Collection by Antonio Citterio

Occasional tables

Barcelona Coffee Table

Barcelona Coffee Table

Coffee table by Alexander Girard in brown

Coffee Table by Alexander Girard

Florence Koll low table with marble top

Florence Knoll Low Tables

Grasshopper Low Tables - set of three in black

Grasshopper Low Tables

Laccio small table

Laccio Table

Marc Krusin low table by Knoll

Marc Krusin Low Tables

MR Table with clear glass top

MR Table

Nakashima Splay-leg table by Knoll

Nakashima Splay-Leg Table

Lissoni Panoraic Low Table by Knoll

Panoramic Low Table 

Piton Side Table by Knoll

Piton Side Table

Platner coffee table with clear glass top

Platner Low Table

Saarinen Tulip Low Tables

The Stump Table in black marble

Stump Table

Office furniture

Albini desk by Knoll

Albini Desk

Antenna small desk by Knoll

Antenna Workspaces

Colourfold modular storage units

Colourfold Modular Cabinets

Florence Knoll Conference Table

Florence Knoll Conference Tables

Florence Knoll Credenza in deep brown

Florence Knoll Credenza

Florence Knoll executive desk with wooden top

Florence Knoll Executive Desk

Florence Knoll table desk

Florence Knoll Table Desk

Grasshopper Height Adjustable Desk with black top

Grasshopper Height-Adjustable Desk

Matic Credenza form Matic Collection in black

Matic Credenzas and Storage Units

Plateau workstation

Plateau Workstations

Red Baron by Knoll bookshelf

Red Baron by Knoll

System Scope for office form Knoll


Wa Meeting Tables by Knoll

Wa meeting tables

Office chairs

Generation by Knoll office chair

Generation by Knoll®

Life Chair perfect for office

Life Chair

Multigeneration by Knoo - chair in black

MultiGeneration by Knoll

Regeneration task chair by knoll

ReGeneration by Knoll®

Conference chairs

Saarinen Conference Chair Relax