Back to the office with Naughtone

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Back to the office with Naughtone

Naughtone, British office furniture manufacturer, once again embarked on a tour around Europe. This brand’s new products could be seen, among others, in our showrooms in Wroclaw and Warsaw. This year the event theme was unique. It referred to the situation in which many of us were forced to shift to working from home, and now are returning to in-person work. Naughtone Roadshow was held under the slogan ‘Back to the office’. It presented four new work zones, which according to the manufacturer shouldn’t now be missing in any modern office.

Traditionally, the office was a place where the employees ware assigned a specific desk and specific working hours. The pandemic did not introduce entirely new solutions, but it did dramatically increase the popularity and scale of various modes of work, such as work from home, hybrid work or agile. It turned out that in many cases we are perfectly capable of performing our tasks at home. Many employers have noticed a significant increase in the effectiveness of their employees during this time. This prompted companies to introduce a hybrid work system. Thus the need for a private, strictly designated office space has decreased. The offices have also changed their main purposes. Today, they should primarily encourage interpersonal interactions and transform individual workspaces into a place that aids collaboration. The office is to be more flexible, and thus more attractive. Naughtone gives tips on how to achieve this effect and presents four new office space zones: Reconnect, Focus, Collaborate and Reflect.

Reconnet – we build ties

Modern offices are meant to allow us to catch up on the interpersonal relationships that have been limited by the pandemic and by the shift of many activities online. Now we are starting to meet in the same space – over coffee or lunch, or just in the hallway. Such moments have been sorely missed by all office workers, and according to Naughtone, making them possible is the most important goal of the modern workplace. Nowadays offices can look completely different, offering different furniture settings and creating different types of zones for conversation, information exchange and creating new ideas. High office chairs resembling bar stools are perfect for this purpose. Naughtone solutions, such as Hue table and seats, Always, Polly, Viv or Ruby chairs, as well as high Ali or Ped tables will facilitate impromptu meetups. The faces of those sitting and standing who use such zones would be at the same height, which will allow everyone involved to interact freely.

Focus – time to concentrate

Sometimes we need time to ourselves. In such moments we value privacy and the chance to focus on our thoughts. How to create such spaces in a modern office? Try Naughtone products from the Pullman line. Its chairs with a high backrest give an impression that the sitting person is surrounded by a sort of booth. Pullman chairs and sofas provide privacy just when you need it. Optionally, they can feature an integrated power supply for a laptop or a smartphone, or an integrated tablet arm. They allow you to create a private asylum even in the busiest office environment.

Collaborate – together we can do more&gt

Team collaboration and interaction – that’s what inspires new ideas and solves problems. The best places to work together are the dedicated to such meetings creative spaces. The Lasso system by Naughtone will help create open collaboration centres in the office. No matter if we use the mobile, single table stool or larger systems for several people, Lasso will ensure a continuous flow of great ideas.

Reflect – feel at home

Remote work has shown that we feel comfortable in our homes and among familiar, friendly furniture, textures and colours. That is why it’s so important to create spaces in the office that help employees feel at home. To furnish such zones, Naughtone offers comfortable Ever armchairs and sofas, colourful Tun coffee tables and stylish Hudson coat stands. What will also prove useful here are Hutch modular sofas. You can even lie on them! After all, an office is meant to be a friendly space for everyone who uses it, regardless of their current needs.

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