Atmospheric enlightenment

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Atmospheric enlightenment

Day by day it’s getting dark earlier outside our window. Therefore we are more willing to use artificial light. It is a unique way to create the atmosphere indoors. Properly selected lighting for the workplace – both in the office and at home – is not only a design accent. It is at the core of the well-being of our employees.

Modern office spaces have changed their priorities. They are not only a place focused on individual work of individuals. Today they primarily foster interaction among employees and create an atmosphere of collaboration. The office itself is meant to strengthen these relations and be more and more attractive. This is encouraged by changing the concept of office interior design, as well as by its furniture. More and more often the pieces used hardly resemble classic furniture designed for this space. The boundary between what is typical for home and for the office is becoming blurred. The popularity of remote work certainly contributes to this. That is why the furniture used in offices and in work areas at home, more and more often becomes the element that creates the atmosphere of the interior and gives it a unique character. Lamps are the perfect example of this trend.

Of course, the illumination of the workplace cannot be random. Its intensity is controlled by regulations and standards. It is considered to be one of the most important factors that build the effectiveness of employees. Poorly chosen light can cause sleepiness, irritation, eye pain and tiredness. It is even more important if most of the time we work in front of a computer. Appropriate light reduces the contrast between the screen and the surroundings, thus it is recommended that a computer workstation has more than one source of light. Desk lamps are a good solution here.

Personal Source of light

There are plenty of desk lamps to choose from. However, it’s worth having a look at these ones that are characterised not only by ergonomics, but also by a unique design.

Lolly by Herman Miller is an elegant and simple in form desk lamp. It is very compact in size and it maximises efficiency while minimising the amount of energy used. It is equipped with energy saving LEDs. Additionally, it has an option to automatically switch off after a certain period of inactivity. Lolly features built-in USB ports, a tilting head that allows us to precisely adjust the light direction and touch-controlled dimming.

Similarly minimalistic form has another of our suggestions among desk lamps: the Marselis model from Hay. When creating it, the designers from kaschkasch studio were inspired by bent construction pipes of local road signs. The source of light here is an adjustable disc with an opal polycarbonate lens. The body of the lamp, however, is made of powder paint coated cast aluminium and steel. The Marselis collection also includes floor lamps.

Another product from Hay that is worth consideration is the Cloche lamp. It surprises with its shape that defies the laws of physics. Lars Beller Fjetland’s design features a dome-shaped lampshade, a curved powder paint coated aluminium arm and a displaced cast-iron base. The lampshade is available in various colours and finishes. Cloche creates highly decorative products for both offices and home spaces.

Create the vibrations

Modern workspace needs a proper atmosphere, an aura, which on the one hand will make it cosy, and on the other hand, will make it shine. When creating it, it is worth reaching for a high-quality design.

The Nelson Bubble lamps from Herman Miller were designed by George Nelson in 1952. These delicate and floating like soap bubbles lampshades have a sturdy frame made of steel. When creating this collection, Nelson was inspired by Swedish lamps covered with silk. Instead of such fabric, which significantly increased the price of the product, he decided to use a translucent white material. Each element in his series is a variation on the organic shapes found in nature. Bubble includes ceiling, floor, table and wall lamp models.

Another recommended classic is the Moon pendant lamp from Verpan, designed in 1960 by Verner Panton. It is one of the master’s earlier designs. It’s made of lacquered metal and its design resembles a fan with ten ring-shaped lamellae. It provides exceptionally soft and atmospheric light. Moon is a perfect example showing the Verner Panton’s theory of how light should work in an interior and how it should influence it.

An interesting new product is the Clam lamp by Fritz Hansen. Its design was inspired by the shape of a shell concealing a precious pearl. It is made of opal glass and finished with brass elements. It gives out soft atmospheric light.

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