An office fit for the times

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An office fit for the times

Can modernity go hand in hand with classics? Warsaw headquarters of the pharmaceutical concern Stada proves that to be true. As it turns out, such a timeless combination is exceptionally conducive to working. The interior design was done by The Design Group studio, while Bakata was in charge of the individual elements of the office equipment.

The Polish branch of Stada is located on the outskirts of the city, in the Park office complex. This place boasts a relaxed atmosphere, far from downtown pace, and the interior design of the office was to carry that laid-back vibe. From the very beginning, the investor emphasized that it should be cozy and timeless. The TDG architects opted for a friendly design with lots of greenery. These classic solutions have been enriched with industrual features.


TDG started working on the design of the Stada headquarters deep into the pandemic, so it was obvious that the office layout would also have to prove successful at this specific time – especially given the fact that some employees still wanted to work from the office. The solution turned out to be separate offices. However, it was quite a challenge how to design rooms for a team of over 40 people on 800 m2.

From the beginning of our collaboration with Stada, the Client underlined that despite the pandemic, most employees would like to work from the office. The office layout turned out to be perfectly suited to this situation, as rooms enclosed by walls are safer. Thus, there was no need for additional space division. However, to design rooms for the Polish Stada team of over 40 people, we had to consider space arrangement and its functionality – says architect Konrad Krusiewicz, founder of TDG.


The best way out of this challenging situation was to design an appropriate office layout. There are two conference rooms adjacent to the spacious reception area (more on that in a moment). They are equipped with comfortable and ergonomic Cosm Herman Miller armchairs. Due to their automatic adjustment, these furniture pieces are ideal for places used by various teams. They are also extremely visually attractive and thus emphasize the representative nature of the conference rooms. Further, in the centre of the office space plan, the architects installed the baby care room and the kitchen. The latter was designed as a transitive space, open for all employees. The kitchen arrangement is complemented by wooden furniture, a modular system of retro velor seats and lots of lively greenery. Arranged around it are the offices. All of them (except the chairman’s room) were designed in the same way. In addition to Maro desks and light gray Cosm armchairs from Herman Miller, there is also a small meeting area and storage shelves. The latter were made by Maro at the investor’s individual order.


The biggest challenge in designing an office divided into subspaces was to make sure that no one felt alone. The idea of socialization is implemented by the main theme of this space – glazing and lighting. Each room has a glass wall emphasized by muntins in a warm oyster white color. Additionally, the offices are equipped with fanlights designed by TDG for the Stada office. Glazing in a wall section was placed at a height of 240-300 cm.

– The borrowed lights optically connect the offices with each other, and moreover, they let in additional light. This solution brought a bit of lightness and sense of unity with the whole office, which was very much appreciated by our Client – explains architect Martyna Bosek. 


The design of the Warsaw Stada office was to be, above all, timeless. However, this calm interior also boasts truly unique elements – especially the industrial details, e.g. muntins in the glass walls. Another surprise waits at the reception desk. The “classic” counter is made of reinforced glass, and its character is emphasized by dark muntins.

– To achieve the desired interior proportions, we softened the dominant counter with a green wall mounted on the opposite side. Thanks to this, the reception area reflects a professional but friendly atmosphere – says architect Ewelina Mężyńska from TDG.

The green wall is complemented by Muuto Outline armchairs. They attract attention with an interesting interpretation of classic Scandinavian patterns from the 1960s and create a comfortable space for the company’s guests.

While the office is dominated by bright colors, they are effectively broken by blue accents in the form of furniture, ceilings or cognac seats in the kitchen. The entire office arrangement is complemented by high-end office furniture supplied by Bakata. The consistency of the company’s design lends the whole interior a stylish and elegant look, as well as a friendly atmosphere. This way, it feels like home and facilitates efficent work.

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